Mission and Values

In September 2008 we established the following Mission Statement and Core Values:

Westmount Presbyterian Church exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to share the love of God in our church and in our community.

Core Value: “Here for others”
We are here for the people of our community and world. They are not here for us. We will adopt a servant’s stance and live it out through the many decisions we face in our future.

  • We will constantly challenge ourselves to reach out to our local neighbourhood.
  • We will always accept and meet a Presbyterians Sharing allocation.

Core Value: We are here to glorify God and enjoy God forever

  • Worship as original: Our worship will be accessible to those we are here to reach and inclusive of children.
  • Worship as evangelism: Our worship will invite people into a deeper relationship with God and with the church.
  • Worship is God centered: Our worship will be God centered. It will be participatory.

Core Value: Welcoming Community

  • We will seek to welcome all who come to our church, whatever background, race, creed, sin or secret.
  • At social times we will talk to those who we know least.
  • We will welcome new people into leadership and listen to their ideas.

Core Value: Healthy Systems
Our systems, our church family will be healthy and honest, communicating about reality, avoiding denial or dysfunction. (cf Friedmans’ work)

  • Conflict is a reality of community, therefore we will be open and honest with one another and listen and talk directly to each other in groups and meetings. Our language and tone will be respectful. We will not participate in parking lot conversations.
  • There are times when we will agree to disagree but will continue to love and respect one another.
  • We will remember that the church is a gathering of sinners therefore we will likely make mistakes and hurt one another.