PAR and Offerings

Offerings can be given through e-transfer to

Or sign up for PAR (Pre-authorized Remittance Program) using the downloadable form: PAR-Authorization.pdf. Read the following instructions for filling out the PAR Authorization form.

1. Please use the following information for “For Office Use Only” section of the PAR Authorization Form:

Name of church PAR contact:  Maria Imamshah
Phone: 647-802-2154
PCC PAR Number: 10040375

2. As the United Church of Canada’s staff is working from home during COVID-19, do not send to the address on the forms. Instead, use the address below:

Attn: PAR Administrator
The United Church of Canada
8 Switzer St.
New Lowell, ON L0M 1N0

Please do not lick the envelope, but seal it with a wet sponge.

Or fax to 416-231-3103. The fax is secure and is monitored daily.